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The Charitable Foundation "Butterfly Children"

30% of every art piece sold will be transferred to the Charitable Foundation "Butterfly Children".

The Charitable Foundation "Butterfly Children" was established in 2011 and has been helping children who were born with a genetic disease - epidermolysis bullosa for 9 years. All over the world these children are called "butterflies". A rare disease makes their skin so fragile and vulnerable that any touch, even a hug, can hurt the child and leave an unhealed wound.

Since March 2020, the foundation has begun to provide systemic assistance to patients with ichthyosis. Ichthyosis is a genetic disease that manifests itself at birth or in the first months of life and is characterized by a violation of keratinization of the skin. Their skin resembles scales, which is why such people are called "Fish". The Foundation provides medical, material, rehabilitation, psychological and legal assistance to ward families, patronizes patients throughout Russia, deals with training doctors and fully provides medicines and everything necessary butterfly children abandoned by their parents.



Instagram: @detibabochki_fund

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