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Tom Barnabi is a part of modern generation of artists, who managed to absorb several cultural layers at once. His visual language combines the traditions of Hellenic art, the techniques of the classic art school and the influence of the modern art movements. However, the basis of his work is  research of new emotions. After all, the feeling is something that unites a  modern person with his ancestors.

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Tom Barnabi was born in Moscow in 1979. There he studied drawing in the  art school. But only a  few years ago he began serious development of his talent as a painter. Tom used to live in Georgia,  Italy and finally settled down at the  Spanish coast. Artist’s early works reflect his lifestyle - adventurous, full of light and air. You can see the towns of the South of Europe intertwining with  historical monuments and sculptures. He visualizes such ephemeral concepts as movement, inspiration, tranquility or the evening  coolness in June. Other motives of Tom’s art are ancient Greece and Rome. In his paintings the artist  often refers  to the  roots of authentic European culture.  That is why he pays  great attention to the divine nature and admires the beauty of the human body, the ideal proportions which Barnabi emphasizes with a skillful play of contrasts, lights and shades. Those references allow the viewers to feel that they are part  of  continuity of  events that brought the pieces of antiquities into our modern world.


After setting up his own  studio in Marbella, Barnabi  set off on an artistic journey along the coasts of the Mediterranian Sea. Lately the artist has been working on the study of  the nature of human passions, relationships among people and the areas where they live. His paintings represent artistic conversations about the link of times. The scenery can change, but one thing remains unchangeable and it is a human nature.


Art Week Moscow, Moscow, 6th - 9th November, Barcelona, 27th November - 11th December 2020 

C.A.R. Innovative Art Fair, Germany, Essen, 30th October - 1st November  2020

International Contemporary Art Fair ART3F, Monaco, 21st - 23th August 2020



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