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The sky and thunder God

Improvisation 3



Acrylic on canvas


In Ancient Greek mythology Ζεύς. By Romans, we know him as Jupiter.

The master of sky and thunderer, leader of the gang of numerous gods, also mythology informs us that this character was a great voluptuary and seducer known for his amorous adventures and a whole pleiad of children from mortals, muses and nymphs, goddesses.

Further the ancients tell us that having reached the age of majority, our hero arranges a coup d'etat and sends his father and his henchmen to Tartaras (to the underground kingdom - casemates), apparently he did not forgive his father that wanted to eat Zeus when born (to avoid all potential pretenders on throne)

However, Zeus does not become a single ruler, but shares power with his brothers: he gives Poseidon the Ocean, and Hades the underground kingdom.

Still, the main characteristic for ordinary people was the fact that Zeus was associated with the concept of light and day, and was the embodiment of the father of the nation

That is, for all the severity of the picture, the character is positive and gives light.


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