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Art & Wine with Tom Barnabi

Dear friends, we are happy to present a series of Art&Wine events with Tom Barnabi artist.

The next master class is scheduled for this Saturday, March 6, at the Guadalpin Hotel. In the program, the artwork creation, good time and friendly atmosphere.

“The Bull. Symbol of the Year”: Master class in acrylic interior artwork.

The 2021 symbol is a white metal bull, strong, fast and stubborn. We're promised a year of big things and events. A possessed image mascot will help to achieve desires and dreams. The beginning of the year is time to negotiate with this strong animal and charge with its powerful energy through color and lines.

In the master class, you:

  • Create your personal artwork and feel like an artist.

  • Get skills in the basic principles of mixing and paint,

  • Proceed to the main stages of creating the artwork,

  • Spend time in a nice company and charge yourself with creative energy.

The level of skills in painting is not important!

Master Class author: Tom Barnabi is a part of modern generation of artists, who managed to absorb several cultural layers at once. His visual language combines the traditions of Hellenic art, the techniques of the classic art school and the influence of the modern art movements.

Participant in the Modern Art Exhibition in Barcelona, Moscow, Monaco, Essen, Paris.

Cost of master class: 50€

The value includes materials: canvas 30x50cm, paint, package for the artwork.

Date: 6 March 2021 (Saturday)

Time: 3:00 to 6:00 pm

Place: Marbella, Gran Hotel Guadalpin Banus.

Please follow the master-class in the art gallery to confirm your participation. 

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